4 – 5 June 2017   Tokyo, Japan 

So many people fail to understand the power of their feelings and how it affects their lives. So many of us are living in a “shutdown/survive” way. Psychologically we understand that negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs formed in childhood hold subconscious information that limit us in our daily lives. In this 2 day course, Sky has brought together many scientific ideas proven to bring about transformation in very practical ways, both physically and emotionally. “It takes only one truly loving emotion to undo an entire belief system based on fear and pain. This is how we transform our lives to “thrive/grow”.

Using very specific techniques, you will learn how to gain emotional freedom from these past programmes. You will also learn how to use them as a powerful catalyst for growth.

This workshop will help you free yourself from your past using 5 deepening practices that “release and replace” old programmes, imprinting the new ones you long for.

For more information and to book, go to http://www.natureworld.co.jp/user_data/workshop_7.php

or email   info@natureworld.co.jp