“Without love,
there is no possible solution to our current predicament other than more and worse levels of the same. Every aspect of  human existence, from personal to global, from corporate to political to ecological, must change. We must evolve from human to humane.”


Sky Shayne Innes B Soc Sci MA(Psy)

Sky Shayne Innes
B Soc Sci MA(Psy)

Such is the focus of Sky’s work, encapsulated in the concept of love’s alchemy. We create with our words and Sky’s commitment is to evolve new consciousness through this concept of the transformative power of love.

“My intention is to see love’s power as commonly understood and acknowledged as the right to life. It’s not rocket science. Simply look at the difference between the person who had a truly safe and loving childhood and the one who did not. The seeds of self-doubt are the seeds of all harm.”

Author of the book Love’s Alchemy, Sky is a pioneer in heart-centred therapy. Growing the emerging narrative from neurocardiology and quantum physics, Sky has been working in this area for over 25 years helping people access a personal cosmology based on heart intelligence and relational solutions. She also supports other practitioners of mind, body and spirit. Prior to this, she worked in the corporate sector and fashion industry.

Born in Zimbabwe, in a place called Bulawayo, once the royal kraal of Lobengula, Sky has previously lived in South Africa and the UK. Now living in Australia, she teaches internationally offering courses, meditations and private sessions. She is a frequent presenter and publishes regularly. Sky also runs retreats at her home in the Promised Land, a beautiful valley in northern NSW.