3 June 2017    Tokyo, Japan

As we heal ourselves, so we naturally become a conduit for healing in others. The best practitioners have been on their own journey to wholeness. This journey is the foundation for the practitioner’s skill. It also cultivates insight and revelation through a web of connection. This makes the art of healing a joyful and powerful experience both for the practitioner and the client.

“Healing ourselves is the way we can go out into the world to use our healing gifts” says Sky. “We become energetic magnets for all good things, guiding our clients for the highest good of all.”

Our own healing challenges become the source for our life’s passion and have tremendously powerful capabilities. In Part 11, we use the power of  imagination and dreaming to uncover our deepest yearnings to truly help others.

In this introduction, we will explore this new science and how to literally and practically access intelligence through your heart.

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