From the rock where a tear falls,
An offering of a rose.
The symbol of Love everlasting,
A blossom of God’s divine prose.


Enter a gentle space.
Turn out your mind’s pockets,
Unmask your face.
Then, release all your fears and unfurl your desire,
on the wings of Adonis, through Michelangelo’s spire.
And feel for a moment your heart’s deep embrace,
a power that resonates with unflinching grace.
A magical vessel at the core of your being,
the crucible that frees you from the confines of seeing.

The sweetness of knowing how special you are –
physical form manifest from the dust of a star.
And return from this moment, this eternal reprieve,
A living embodiment of all I believe.

Thanks to Sky Innes & John Considine and fellow participants

of the Love’s Alchemy course at Camp Creative, Bellingen.

See Katie’s original post here


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