feel into being

What makes for true, authentic, ‘for real’ healing? The answer is as varied and multifaceted as we are. But there does seem to be a common theme to all the diverse phenomena of healing.

This is a question that so many of us ask, both as professionals and individuals.

Bernie Siegal says that we all have potential for self-induced healing built into us. The key is to know how to achieve your potential. 

Let me go off on a tangent for a moment. Quantum psychology recognised that:

  • mind and matter are not separate. They are one and the same as consciousness or energy. Matter is energy (waves) collapsed into form (particles), but ultimately it is all still consciousness, an infinite Field of potential.
  • time and space don’t actually exist other than as concepts. So all potentials and possibilities exist right now in this present moment.
  • for something to exist requires observation. The observer is you as consciousness conscious of something. So what you perceive is what you manifest out of pure potential.

Yes, a brief summary and I know you have probably heard it before. I also know that for most of us it remains theoretical and not practical. Our dominant orientation is still toward physicality as really real; and separation, not unity and oneness. Made practical,  we would not need healing and we would be living our lives partying with potential. We would be fire walkers and walkers on water. We would be exploring possibilities and, as one dear friend puts it, we would be “careless goddesses and gods”. How can we have the trust and inner knowing to be exuberantly careless, rather than living so carefully to avoid all the bad things happening. And when the bad things happen, how can we heal?

Coming back to that common theme, it seems to me your conviction of the possibility is the healing factor. There is no cure for our woes because in our woes is the conviction of disease. This is not to pretend or deny the appearance of your current circumstances. It is to embracing with conviction a new possibility and thereby create a new circumstance.

Ask yourself, what am I creating with such conviction?

Now change it and feel love for your heart’s truest desire. This is the key to finding its way to form. So the process of healing (to make whole) is actually the process of creation. Instead of continuously investing your attention in lack, limitation or disease, give your attention new intention. Give it life through your focus and feel it into being.

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